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Please do not use your browser's back button as you may get inconsistencies.  Instead always use the button or menu options to navigate the system.

If you encounter problems when using the system and cannot resolve them, please contact the Festival via our Contact page on the website and we’ll do our best to help.


1. Use the link on the Festival website to access the on-line entry system and then select   

New Users Signup Here. Enter your email address in the required box, and again in the verification box, and click on Register.

2. You will receive an email to enable you to complete the registration process. Open the email and click on the link it contains.

You will see the Complete registration panel. Complete your registration with all the required details.

3. Once you have chosen which type of user you are the system functions for you in the best way. You can select more than type.

Organisation Profile
School representatives 
Teachers entering school pupils
 Teacher Profile
teachers of private pupils 
Entrant Profile

Open Choirs and Entrants aged 16 or over

Parent/Carer Profile

for all other competitors aged 16 or under

4. Confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Terms of RunMyFestival.

    Click on Register. The system confirms registration is complete.

    Click on Login. In the Welcome panel displayed, enter the email address and password you specified earlier in the process, and click on Login.


Entrant                                    go directly to STEP THREE.

Parent,  teacher, organisation     Select the Entrants menu.

Select New to create an individual record for each solo and duet/duologue entrant. (Selecting Upload Individuals followed by Download Individuals Template will allow you to put the details on a csv file which has instructions at the top and then save to the system).

To enter choirs, bands, ensembles, group acting and speaking select Group by Size from the Entrants menu.

If you are entering more than one group in same class please give them different names eg “Academy A”, “Academy B”……( There is also a csv upload for this)






From the Entrants menu select Group with people.

From the available individuals select two. Save.


Click the Enter Festival beside the name of entrant

Names will appear together in list of entrants. Click Enter Festival

Click the Enter Festival beside the name of group  

Locate the class you require, by searching for a specific class number or selecting a section using the drop-down box.

After clicking Add to Basket you may be asked to provide additional information – e.g. own choice details, before the entry is added to basket.

To place further entries for this person, click on Select a Different Class. To place entries for a different entrant, click on Select Another Entrant.

If you wish to enter a significant number of classes, perhaps for several entrants, you can do so in more than one log-on session. Any entries created will remain in your basket awaiting checkout, and will be available to view, change, delete or add-to when next you log-on.


On clicking Checkout or Basket you will see a summary of the classes entered and the total entry fees. If any of the entries are incorrect, you can remove them individually by clicking on the recycle bin, or remove them all by clicking Empty Basket. If you wish to complete your entry and pay, click on Checkout.

If you have entries in more than one section you will see a list of section entries.. If you are ready to pay for all sections, click on Continue. If you wish to leave any in your basket for possible changes, click on the symbol next to Ready For Checkout. The entry will be highlighted in orange. Only those sections highlighted in green will be checked-out. Click on Continue.


The system displays the entries for which you’ll be paying now. You must tick the boxes to accept Terms and Conditions and compliance with our Child Protection Policy.

Click on Proceed to Paymentand select the method of payment.

If you choose Paypal, please ensure you read the explanation of our use of Paypal. Click on the Checkout with PayPal. This will transfer you to the PayPal system. Once you have provided the required information to pay click Closeand you will be back with the on-line entry system.

After payment you will see confirmation of your completed entry.


You will receive an email confirming your successful entry. Note that you should quote the entry form number given at the foot of the screen in any correspondence with the festival. Click on Log Out.

Since you are now a registered system user, when next you log-in (perhaps to review your entries or create more) you should log-in via the Existing Users Log In Here section.



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