Drama Prize Winners 2014

Trophy Title Class Name Residence
Oundle Town Council Prize Year 6, Verse Speaking D5  Grace Welsh  Brigstock
Oundle Town Council Prize Duologue, under 18 years D25  Ibrahim Dar & Aroosa Hussain  Peterborough
Chairman's Award Duologue, under 18 years D25  Harry Finlay & Holly Selby  Bourne
Evans Cup Group Acting, 18 years old & under D28  Bourne Academy  
Mrs S A Mc Adam Cup Group Speaking, Year 4 & under D51  Gretton Primary School
Norah Ball Cup Bible Reading, Open D64  Mara Musciano  Bucknell
Salisbury Cup Verse Speaking D66  Nicky Jakeways  Oundle
Warwick Cup Group Speaking, Open D71  Anthology  Oundle
Daniel Cup Solo Acting, Open D73  Kalya Wilson  Weldon


Music Prize Winners 2014

Whiteman Cup Piano Solo, Grade V M35 Nathaniel Bailey   Peterborough
Prabhu Singh Memorial Prize Piano Solo, 15 years & under M37  Reuben Goldmark  Lwr. Benefield
HRH Duchess of Gloucester Prize Piano Solo, 18 years & under M38  Becky Taylor  Morton
Aaron Academy Cup Recorder, Grade 1 M51  Jessica Cannizarro  Peterborough
Joyce Mason Cup Recorder, 8 years & under M61  Katya Trakys  Peterborough
A W Rollet Memorial Prize Recorder, 9 years M62  Megan Salonna  Peterborough
Lady Brassey Prize Recorder Duet, 10 years & under M65  Megan Salonna & Jessica Cannizarro  Peterborough
Oundle Young Musician of the Year      
Mason Cup      Prince William School Jazz Band  Oundle
Sidney Mc Adam Cup Band, 18 years & under M126  Prince William School  Oundle
Oundle Middle School Cup Band, 14 years & under M127  Oundle Middle School
Sir Richard Proby Cup Music Theatre, 18 years & number V9  Thomas Deacon Academy  Peterborough
Gleeman Cup Choir, 8 years & under V1  Malcolm Sargent Primary Junior Choir  Stamford
Brudenell Cup Choir, 10 years & under V2  Malcolm Sargent Primary School Choir  Stamford
Rev E Lake Shield Hymn / Worship Song V3  Oundle CE Primary School Key Stage 2 Choir  
Mrs George Brudenell Cup II Small Choir, 11 & under V4  Malcolm Sargent Primary School Choir  Stamford
Lady Magaret Proby Shield I Choir, 13 years & under V5  Oundle & King's Cliffe Middle School
Mrs George Brudenell Cup I Choir, 18 years & under V7  Prince William School  Oundle
Brudenell Picture Artistic Choral Performance    Malcolm Sargent Primary School Choir  Oundle
Maddison Cup Solo Song, 9 years & under V21  Christopher Trotter  Northampton
Janet Mary McMichael Cup Solo Song, 13 years & under V23  Millie Eve  Titchmarsh
Gladys Risely Cup Solo Song, 15 years & under V24 V25  Jessica Edgley  Peterborough
Oundle Young Singer of the Year    Daniel Dixon  Thrapston
Marjorie McAdam Cup British Art Song V52-56  Michael Cunliffe-Lister  Barnack
Miller Trophy Sacred Song  V65  Mara Musciano  Bucknell
Oundle G & S Cup Gilbert & Sullivan Solo V58  no competition  
Meg Bates Cup Folk Song V60,61  no competition  
Lady Lilford Shield Barbershop Quartet V70 Simply 4 Peterborough
Classic Harmony Shield Barbershop Chorus V71 Ouse Valley Chorus Huntingdon
Lady Proby Memorial Cup Part Songs SATB V72 Cantus Polonicum Peterborough 
Lady Violet Brassey Cup Part Songs for Women's Voices V73 Peterborough Voices Peterborough
Ray Sharpe Cup Part Songs for Men's Voices V74 Peterborough Male Voice Choir  
Oundle Youth Club Cup Youth Choirs V75 Peterborough Youth Choir  
Sir Richard Proby Cup Show Songs V76 Voices Aloud Kettering
Lady Culme Seymour Cup Community Choirs V78 Voices Aloud
Cotterstock Male Voice Choir Cup Sacred Music V77 Peterborough Male Voice Choir  
Weekley & Warkton Rosebowl Artistic Choral Performance   Cantus Polonicum Peterborough

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