Prize Winners 2012

Trophy Title Class Name Residence
Oundle Town Council Prize 9 years and under Sophie Johnson Brigstock
Oundle Town Council Prize 10 to 12 years Oliver Simons Peterborough
Oundle Town Council Prize 13 to 18 years Laura Crawford Bourne
Adjudicator's Award Will Singlehurst Stanion
Evans Cup Group Acting, 16 years old & under D27 Bourne Academy
Mrs S A Mc Adam Cup Group Speaking, Year 4 & under D51 Brigstock Latham School
Norah Ball Cup Bible Reading, Open D64 Diana Awdry Oundle
Salisbury Cup Verse Speaking Nicky Jakeways Oundle
Warwick Cup Group Speaking, Open D71 Anthology Oundle
Daniel Cup Solo Acting, Open D73 Helen Ganney Barton Seagrave
Whiteman Cup Piano Solo, Grade V M35 Kira Bhamra  Peterborough
Prabhu Singh Memorial Prize Piano Solo, 15 years & under M37 Becky Taylor Morton
HRH Duchess of Gloucester Prize Piano Solo, 18 years & under M38 Serena Shah Peterborough
Joyce Mason Cup Recorder M61 Emillie Parry Peterborough
Lady Brassey Prize Woodwind Solo, 12 years & under M86 Emily James Soham
Lady Brassey Prize Woodwind Solo, 15 years & under M87 Freya Chambers Polebrook
Oundle Young Musician of the Year   Becky Taylor Morton
Lady Magaret Proby Shield II Instrumental Ensemble, 14 & under M114 Oundle & Kings Cliffe Middle School Brass
Mason Cup Instrumental Ensemble, 18 & under M115 Finch Flute Ensemble Kettering
Capron Cup String Orchestra, 18 years & under M128 Prince William School Oundle
Sidney Mc Adam Cup Band, 18 years & under M126 Prince William School Jazz Band Oundle
Oundle Middle School Cup String Orchestra, 14 years & under M127 Oundle & King's Cliffe Middle School
Westminster Cup Instrumental Ensemble, Open M211 no competition
Gleeman Cup Choir, 8 years & under V1 Malcolm Sargent Primary School Stamford
Brudenell Cup Choir, 10 years & under V2 Oundle CE Primary School, Year 4
Rev E Lake Shield Hymn / Worship Song V3,V6 Oundle and King's Cliffe Middle School
Mrs George Brudenell Cup II Small Choir, 11 & under V4 Gretton Primary School  
Lady Magaret Proby Shield I Choir, 13 years & under V5 Oundle and King's Cliffe Middle School
Mrs George Brudenell Cup I Choir, 18 years & under V7 Prince William School Oundle
Oundle Youth Club Cup Musical Theatre V8 Thomas Deacon Academy Peterborough
Brudenell Picture Artistic Choral Performance Oundle and King's Cliffe Middle School
Maddison Cup Solo Song, 9 years & under V21 Christopher Trotter Woodwell
Janet Mary McMichael Cup Solo Song, 13 years & under V23 Millie Eve Titchmarsh
Gladys Risely Cup Solo Song, 15 years & under V25 Madeleine Boreham Kettering
Chairman's Award Solo Song, 13 years & under,Own Choice V24 Charlie Botting Broughton
Oundle Young Singer of the Year   Kathleen McLean Kettering
Marjorie McAdam Cup Oratorio Aria V52-56 Kirsten Barr Peterborough
Miller Trophy Music Hall Song Lynn Williamson Spalding
Oundle G & S Cup Gilbert & Sullivan Solo V58 Andrew Spurrell Oundle
Meg Bates Cup Folk Song V60,61 Michael Cunliffe-Lister Barnack
Lady Lilford Shield Vocal or Madrigal Ensemble V64 Simply 4 Peterborough
Lady Violet Brassey Cup Part Songs for Women's Voices V73 Rhapsody Peterborough
Ray Sharpe Cup Part Songs for Men's Voices V74 Peterborough Male Voice Choir  
Classic Harmony Shield Barbershop Chorus V71 Rhapsody Peterborough
Lady Proby Memorial Cup Part Songs SATB V72 Voices Aloud Kettering
Sir Richard Proby Cup Show Songs V76 Peterborough Male Voice Choir
Lady Ethel Wickham Cup Part Songs for Village Choirs, SATB V78 no competition
Lady Culme Seymour Cup Part Songs for Village Choirs,Women's Voices V79 Just Friends Warmington
Weekley & Warkton Rosebowl Artistic Choral Performance Peterborough Male Voice Choir Peterborough

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