2015 Venues

Music classes will take place in Oundle School Chapel & Common Room.

In addition

St Peter's Church will be used for piano classes on evening of Wednesday April 15th and Open vocals on Saturday.

2016 Festival

Wed April 13th to Saturday 16th

First week of  Summer term

By popular demand!


If you have pupils following a graded exam syllabus they can be entered in Guitar classes, M11-18. 

Please note electric on entry form.-


Please use classes M41 to M45 for grade classes and

M91 to M93 for age group entries.

Please note drums on entry form.



News just received from Belfast Conference.    

We did it again.

Barbara Lowe, (centre) East Midlands Regional Chairman, accepted the award on our behalf from Federation of Festivals Chairman, Margaret Venables, and Chief Executive, Terry Luddington at the conference dinner.


Set books can be ordered from

Oundle Bookshop

where you can also buy a syllabus. 




Chairman Andrew Spurrell  welcomed Ebony, Daniel  and Georgia from Oundle Primary School at Oundle Bookshop on September 29th to look at the set books for the 2015 Festival.

Also present at the syllabus launch was Gwen Radcliffe, Oundle Town Mayor, who was delighted to announce the council’s sponsorship of the Junior Speech & Drama prizes.

Cantus Polonicum
Winners of the Weekley and Warkton Rosebowl 2014
Oundle Young Singer 2014
with adjudicator David Patrick
Oundle Young Musician 2014

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