Verse Speaking

Group Speaking

 D10 Bad Sir Brian Botany

Advice for Verse Speakers from the Adudicators Council

Illustrative actions and movement rarely ever enhance a performance. However, gesture that adds understanding, appreciation and an emotional response to the interpretation of the text is not only acceptable but welcome.

It is being selective and discerning in the use of gesture that is so often the issue in enhancing the successful performance.


D51 Only Snow 

D52 Grim and Gloomy

D53 Macavity: the Mystery Cat

D54 The Pied Piper of Hamelin  finishing at "painted tombstone"

The list below contains some points from recent adjudications, in no particular order.    

Each adjudicator may put their emphasis on a different aspect. 

 Performance begins with getting to the stage
 Music and sound can be used
 Minimal suggestion of costume is OK , eg a hat
 Own choice poem should be a sharp contrast to demonstrate skill of the group
 Poems can offer opportunity for some solo work

 Make grouping interesting, everyone should be seen by audience, especially when speaking

 Pupils can be distracted by surreptitious conducting
 Movement should only be used where it enhances the poem
 The mood of some poems requires stillness
 Adjudicators looking for modulation, clarity and diction
Please ensure the performance piece is suitable for a family audience

The title of the play/novel, author and publisher must be submitted at the time of entry. The final script, indicating cuts, must be sent to the Drama Secretary, clearly marked with class number and name, by March 20th. Simple costume optional, no make-up, essential props only.

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