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The Oundle Festival is affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals, which was formed in 1921. Some of the oldest Festivals are older than the Federation itself: Oundle is one of these, holding its first festival in 1909 on 21st April.  As with most of these early organisations set up by local gentry, Oundle’s was instigated by the Lady Millicent Lilford from nearby Lilford Hall.  She was then joined by Lady Ethel Wickham then living at Barnwell Manor.
To begin with the competitions were for local choirs and ensembles, a solo class for boys under 17 and an open piano class, a total of 15.  Thus it was named a Musical Competition.  Since those days although the demise of the local village choirs sees fewer choral entries, with the advent of instrumental groups in schools the field has widened considerably. Today there are 147 classes open to competitors  though not all receive entries every year.
In 1968 in common with a good many other Festivals it was decided to offer classes in Speech and Drama.
You can find out more by reading the Souvenir Programme Page 9 to 11, produced in 2009.

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