New helpers are always welcome, 
not only during the Festival, 
but throughout the year.
Contact for more information
Publicity - write press releases, help design posters
Web site - needs refreshing and keeping up to date
Social Media - increasing our profile 
If you could spare a little time on a regular basis these roles might suit you.
  VOLUNTEER needed in February/March
The Festival has to apply for a Child Performance Licence for every performer under 16, not entered by their school,who will miss time at school to compete. In 2018 this was 18 applications.

Could you communicate with parents, by phone and email, to help them provide the necessary information?

VOLUNTEERS wanted during the Festival 

Our Festival is competitive, but renowned for its friendly atmosphere.

Our Golden Rule for Stewards is "keep smiling".


Stewards are vital for the smooth running of each three hour session.

You could be managing paperwork for the adjudicator, selling tickets, showing choirs to their seats, or even making drinks for the team.



Are you available at the start and/or end of day?

Do you have car/van?

Could you set up banners, parking signs?

Or could you move chairs?


Every solo and duo performer is awarded a certificate, as is each group participating at the Festival.

We continue to maintain the tradition of high standard calligraphy. Much of the work is done in the weeks before the Festival. You then attend a session and fill in the marks when awarded.


 Could you get results onto the website and reports on Facebook quickly?

 Could you maintain communications between the venues (also called running round Oundle).

All new volunteers will be given a copy of these documents.

These documents can be opened by clicking 

on the image.


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